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Q - Z Doll Names


Sienna in Sunkissed resin on the Abby MSD size body was reproduced from the porcelain doll Sini and sold in the Australian Winter 2018.

An artist-enhanced in-stock Sunkissed resin edition of 40 dolls was released to the public on July 8th & 9th, 2018 in 2 lots of 20; both lots sold out in under 2 minutes!!! A pre-order followed due to public demand on the 14th July to 17th July 2018 where a further 100+ sold. 
SIENNA in Coffee Tan resin LE50 on the Abby size MSD body found their home in late 2019. 

Edition Closed. 

  • Talyssa

    Talyssa is 17" tall, has been produced as human and Elf and in a variety of colours. Edition open.
  • Tanzie

    Tanzie is about 23" tall and is an Elf. 
    Edition open.
  • Thistle

    Thistle is SD size approx 23" tall, sculpted as an Elf and released in pink resin and grey resin. A fair resin sample belongs in Kaye's personal collection as shown below. Thistle in a human version may be released in future. Edition open.
  • Tobi

    Tobi is about 23" tall (SD Size) and has a very slender body.
    She was available in dark tan, smoke grey, sunkissed and fair coloured resins.
    Edition open.
  • Tobi MSD Size

     Tobi's slender body was scaled down into a MSD sized version in 2018. 
    Edition Open. 
  • Toni

    Toni was presented on the same body as Tobi's downsized body shown above. 

  • Yani

    Yani is sculpted to represent an Australian Aboriginal child and was cast in coffee tan resin. 
    Edition closed.