Kaye Wiggs

Artist, Sculptor​​​​​​

About Me

I first started making porcelain reproduction dolls in 1989 and then sculpted my first doll in 1990. 
Soon after, I began designing dolls for an Australian company called Dolls From Down Under. 
I also made molds for reproduction mold companies in the USA and later designed dolls for the Home Shopping Network. After many years in the industry, I decided to take a break from doll making.
In about 2004 or 2005, I discovered Resin BJD's and began sculpting again. Initially, I made small numbers of limited edition dolls and cast them myself but became allergic to the resin. 
I now collaborate with Grace from Jpodolls to have my resin dolls factory produced for preorder. 
I was recently awarded the Dolls magazine Lifetime Achievement Award, which to me was the highlight of my career! 
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