Resin Doll Gallery

N Doll Names​​​​​​​

Nelly Human

Nelly human is her own SD size body and was produced in fair, sunkissed and tan resins.
Edition closed. 
  • Nelly Faun

    Nelly faun is her own SD size standing at 53cm tall with the human feet and 55cm tall with the hooves.
    She was available in fair, tan and green resins. 
    Edition closed.
  • Nettle Elf

    Nettle Elf was limited to 9 fair heads, 1 fair full set and 4 coloured full sets. 
    Edition closed.
  • Nyssa

    Nyssa was made in fair and tan, Elf and human plus one only sunkissed human (in my own collection) 2 white Elf (one in my collection and one with Grace of plus 1 pink Nyssa Elf. She is approx. 46cm tall. 
    Edition closed.